About Raven Garland

At age 5 I liked to spin until dizzy then lie on the grass to watch the sky move. I sang to stray cats on the porch.

At 19 I played Beethoven with the reverence of a nun. I was in love with two Bob’s. Music saved me from going too far down any wrong path.

At 33: I gave birth to my son who expanded my heart for eternity. He is still like the shining sun to me.

At 42 I entered the deepest, most transformative training of my life:  eurythmy.

And now, I want to help the world create good sentences. I am doing this with the help of the creator of the original Dao-of English, Angela Mailander.



About Angela Mailander


Angela Mailander was fluent in four languages by the time she was fifteen when she taught her first class of English Language Learners (ELL). At age nineteen, she taught graduate students at Kent State University (KSU). She earned two M.A. degrees (English; Translation Studies) and two Ph.D.’s (English; Comparative Disciplines). She has taught English at every level of instruction from kindergarten through post graduate school in the U.S., Germany, Greece, India, and China, where she has been given the honorary title of Professor Emerita of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. Mailander has developed a break-through and prize-winning methodology (theory and practice) for teaching English Language Learners (ELL), which she calls Dao of English (DoE). The results have been so great that they have even surprised her. 


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