Tao or Dao?

Dao is usually spelled Tao in English. Dao, however, is closer to its pronunciation in Mandarin. That DoE© is the “Way” of English will become self-evident. As this Introduction is intended for teachers of English Language Learners (ELL), I have restricted myself to practical concerns. I will, however, in future blog posts, touch on important philosophical and theoretical matters. To sum it up, I begin with the Chomskian assumption that language is mind, and, as has often been observed, a different language constitutes a different mind. In this context, DoE© is a means of creating those channels that, collectively, give students an “English mind.” The Dao of English will expand the one they were born with, whether English is their first, second, or third, etc. language. Working with language in this way often allows people to become aware that there is consciousness that is deeper than any mind.


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